Thursday, September 01, 2011

Of Pinoys and Adobo...

This afternoon I read about an annual event happening in Milpitas, California this coming September 3 and 4 of 2011. You've probably heard of it, if you're a Filipino. It's called the Adobo Festival.

No, it's not related to Adobe Photoshop.

Adobo is a local and extremely well-known Filipino dish which consists of either pork, beef or chicken meat that is marinated and cooked along with pepper, salt, laurel leaves, soy sauce and vinegar. It is one of the signature dishes of the Philippines, albeit it being somewhat Chinese in origin. 

The Adobo Festival started when a Filipino in the United States, Joey Camins, was looking for a new location to setup an office on. He reached a building whose owner, upon learning that Camins was Filipino, said that his other tenants would finally get to smell Adobo again.

This was where the idea was born.

Now the festival has surely come a long way, as it has been established as an official event for the Filipinos in the area. Cooking, t-shirt sales, kiddie games, entertainment and a whole lot more will all be there. Surprise guest stars from GMA TV and GMA Life TV, popular Filipino television stations, will make appearances as well. 

I'd like some Adobo tonight

It warms my heart how Filipinos abroad still long for Adobo. Food is definitely a big part of the Filipino culture. We love to cook, and we also love to eat. Our taste is also exquisite. How a simple dish can have this big of an impact for Filipinos shows that no matter where we may be, we still love our country. We still love the food that our parents cooked when we were young.

So tonight I'll be cooking some Adobo for dinner, in honor of this post, and of the Adobo Festival, and for all the Filipinos that are working overseas, sweating their butts of for their families back home, and for everyone who's palates are longing for some genuine, home-cooked Adobo.

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Keep chomping. =3

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