Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's so Exciting to be Alive and in the Philippines right now.

This post is inspired by another post by David Seaman. I read around in Google Plus today and I fancied on yet another post from him, the creator of Credit Card Outlaw about the only real danger in life.

His post was probably inspired by the recent news about Steve Jobs resigning from being CEO of Apple Inc. Heck, the whole world was probably affected by his resignation. Regardless if you're an Apple fanboy, or you hold some Apple stocks, or even if you despise Apple. You have to admit that the news of him stepping down has caused you to think that even this one person, who loves what he is doing and works for only $1 a year at Apple, has been somewhat forced to step down because of his health.

Let's go back to David Seaman. He talked about his father's health and related it to his own life, and his decisions about his career and business.

"Seize the day now, or you never will. I have no sympathy for people who say they are "stuck" in a job they hate, a marriage they dislike, an awful town, etc. "

He also goes ahead and writes about how a lot of people, older people, who enjoy their work and making a living out of it.

This is what everyone should be doing. If you don't like your job, quit. If you don't like your current degree or course, shift to another one. If you don't like the people you are surrounded with right now, get up and socialize with the people that interest you. If you don't like how you Starbucks coffee is extremely bitter compared to how it is normally, throw it at the barista's face (lol don't be that mean).

One thing that I learned from working at a call center as technical support for an ISP in the U.S. is that a lot of people complain. They complain about the stupidest, lamest and dumbest of all things. I understood then, that it's how things should be. Every thing should be perfect for you. Every single detail should be how you would want it to be. Every color, smell, taste, temperature, texture, everything.

I'm not saying that everything is perfect as it is, but it should be how you would look at life. You should always want perfection, and not only in household items, or food, or your Internet connection. It should also relate to your job, life, school, whatever. You should be doing what you want, and if you're not there you should take steps so that you will get there.

Quoting Steve Jobs on his commencement speech for the Stanford graduates on 2005.

"Your time is limited, so don't let it be wasted living someone else's life. "

Our time is indeed limited. You never know if tomorrow you were someone's son. Or you were someone's teacher. In one split second could be roadkill. Quite a harsh reality, but it's true. And it's a cliche. You see and hear it every day.

Live your life to the fullest.

Live without regrets.

Live free. Live strong.

Why not put a spin to those quotes, because we're not always alive. Let's try to rephrase those three lines and include death in them.

Die living your life to the fullest.

Die without regrets.

Die free. Die strong.

Neat magic trick, eh? Suddenly those inspiring life quotes are a bit darker now, but they have been spun to give even more meaning and inspiration to them. Everyone should live like they were dying (that's a song). Pull out your bucket list. Do what you love. Study what you want to study. Sing like you want to sing. Turn work into a hobby. Turn your hobby into work.

One day, we will all face that black hooded figure with a scythe in his hand and the wind furiously blowing at his cloak. Whether you believe in God, or Allah, or Buddha, or the flying spaghetti monster, we will one day meet them. And when that day comes, wouldn't you rather die doing what you love?

Wouldn't you want to die writing a book, or cooking a meal, or photographing nature, or skydiving, or singing, or coding, or gaming, or sleeping (lol)?

I'm not the best example for this, because I myself am an-all powerful procrastinator. But I would love to step back from being a sheep, and start doing what I want to do. When will that day be, I wonder. Right now I'm happy to be alive and well, although a bit too healthy, if you know what I mean. I'm also excited for my life. Not that I'm living the dream yet, but I hope to be doing so one day. I'm excited for the many adventures that my recent decisions will lead me to. If I stayed, I would still be doing the same old bit that I've been doing for the last three years. Now, although I have a plan of what I would be doing with my life, I have no idea what life would throw back at me. I'm really excited about this, and uncertain of it as well. But it's alright, because I want this. I've wanted this since waaaay back. And I'm sure it's not an easy road, but it's going to be one hell of a ride I bet.

How about you, are you content with what you're doing right now? Would you want to die doing that? If so,  good for you. You're a better person than the majority of the world's population. What are you thoughts about this topic? Please feel free to comment below if you have any thoughts or violent reactions. Oh, and please share this link, using the buttons to the left.

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