Sunday, August 14, 2011

Movie Review for Vanishing On 7th Street

How do you imagine the world to end? Alien invasion? Zombie apocalypse? Nuclear war? Pandemic? Let me count the ways, or shall we say let me count the movies: The Day After Tomorrow, Blindness, War of The Worlds, I Am Legend, The Day The World Stood Still, Knowing, 2012, Legion. These are just some of the most “successful” end-of-the-world movies. But have you heard about Vanishing On 7th Street?

From the director who gave you The Machinist, this movie is about a group of four strangers struggling to survive when the city of Detroit was taken over by unexplained darkness. With heaps of clothing left by the people who vanished, planes falling from the sky, empty cars and only the four of them left, they have no choice but to hide in the light. But as the days go shorter and nights go longer, only one thing is certain, they are running out of light. When the fear of the “darkness” and the whispers get into their minds, each one of them has their own questions to ask. Why are they the only ones left behind? Were they chosen? For what? How will they survive this terror?

Cast and Crew:

Hayden Christensen as Luke Ryder, a reporter who woke up and finds that none of his electronics are working. He was saved by the lit candles on the side of his bed.
Thandie Newton as Rosemary, a physical therapist who is searching for her missing baby. She was saved when she was lighting a cigarette during the blackout.
John Leguizamo as Paul, a theater projectionist who was reading a book about the The lost colony of Roanoake when suddenly all the lights go off in the theater. He was saved by the light from his headlamp.
Jacob Latimore as James Leary, a 12 year-old whose mother left him to check the light in the church.
Written by: Brad Anderson
Directed by: Anthony Jaswinski
Rating: R for Language
Runtime: 1 hour 31 minutes
Genre: Horror, Mystery

This film was released in the US on February 18, 2011. This movie was a total flop. Released in only six theaters in the US, Vanishing on the 7th street had a $10 million dollar budget. As of March 2011, the film only grossed $22, 175.
What made this movie worth watching? Well, for starters, the movie for me is fresh. I can’t see aliens killing people, no zombies eating people and no annoying young couples promising each other that everything will be okay. It’s a movie about man’s fear of the dark and the unknown. You won’t be screaming while watching this but you will surely stay on the edge of your seats rooting for them to run and survive.

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