Sunday, August 14, 2011

Microsoft Touchmouse vs. Apple Magic Mouse

Microsoft released it's version of the buttonless mouse called the Mircrosoft Touchmouse. It may not sound catchy, but  it sounds a lot better than Apple's Magic Mouse. Regardless of the name, both of these sleek devices are total eyecandy for the average fanboy. Both devices are wireless, and both have handy mouse gestures that would improve your experience with your computer. Let's take a look at both, shall we?

First up, the Apple Magic Mouse. Every Apple fan would love to have this as a mouse, or even as an expensive paperweight.

The design is just beautiful with the gloss and curve. It's compatible with both Mac and PC computers and provides the following features and gestures below:

- Right hand and Left hand compatibility
- Click "anywhere" on the surface
- 360 degree scrolling, swipe finger to any direction
- Holding down the Control key on your keyboard while swiping your finger lets you zoom in and out
- Swiping with two fingers allows you to move through webpages or photos
- Runs on two AA betteries, Bluetooth wireless technology

Next would be the Microsoft Touchmouse, although not as sleek and attractive as the Apple Magic Mouse it still looks a lot better than a regular mouse, or not. The curve gives it a perfect fit for your hand and palm. And just like the Apple Magic Mouse, this one also has no buttons, or sliders.

- Swipe down with three fingers minimizes all windows, swiping up brings the windows back
- Swiping down with two fingers minimizes the current window, swiping up brings that window back
- Swiping the finger to the right or left lets you scroll the page to that direction
- Can be used by both right-handed and left-handed people
- Moving your thumb to the left makes the page go back, and swiping it to the right makes the page go forward

Both of them look great, and perform great, as well as have just about the same features. It then boils down to which brand you prefer. You could also compare them for the sleek and glossy look of the Apple Magic Mouse, or the "perfect fit" that the Microsoft Touchmouse has to offer.


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