Friday, August 19, 2011

Google Plus Updates Mid-August

Don't know what Google Plus is yet? You can read our previous post about it here at Circles and Google Plus.

I've been using G+ for over a month now and I still giggle like a little school girl every time they bring out a HUGE update. Makes me want to work for them, too bad we don't have a Google HQ here. 

Anywho, I'm addicted to the new social networking site. More people are joining every day, and it further fills up my stream with A LOT of noise. Not to  mention the amount of noise that comes from Robert Scoble, Guy Kawasaki and just about everyone who works for the "series of tubes" we call The Internet. 

Amidst all this I still find myself logging in to Google Plus more often than I do so on Facebook. Why? The noise level in Google+ is staggering but I can control what I see, with the help of circles. I can easily tone down the noise level in one click. Sweet.

Now for the Google+ updates.

1. Google+ integration in YouTube

YouTube has already been integrated into Google+ hangouts from the start, but recently they did the vice-versa. Normally on a G+ hangout you can opt to viewing YouTube videos with your friends instead of looking at each other's faces. Now, notice at the lower right corner of the screenshot. If you click the "Share" button on a YouTube video it gives you several options on how you could share it. Facebook, Plus Ones, Twitter, Email, Embedding and lately they added the option to view the video with your friends via Google+ Hangouts. This is a neat feature which shows Google is slowly integrating its other services to G+.

2. Google Plus games

Back in August 11,2011 Google rolled out games for G+. Although they don't have as wide a selection as Facebook, but in G+, there's a specific section where you can see all the games, you don't have to search for them, and then have to sift through the million fan pages and spend a couple minutes looking for the actual game. Another neat thing about G+ games is that it has its own game stream. You won't be spamming everyone's default stream with your game achievements and notifications, and they won't be able to spam your stream with their game notifications.

The games that are currently available on G+ are in the screenie below.

To be honest, it's not yet the "Bomb" but it's a step towards a much better Google ecosystem.

Minor updates:

-Post collapsing is available, so it would be easier to read all those posts from everyone.
-You can reorder your circles into however you would want them to show up in the sidebar. You can do this in the "Circles" tab. (old news, I know)
- Live comments will be scrolled on your stream

I'm really enjoying my experience with Google Plus.The design is just simple and sweet, and it doesn't look very cluttered. I'm not sure if it would stay this way in the next couple months since G+ will eventually be getting more upgrades, but I'm sticking along for the ride. Plus, why wouldn't I, when almost everything I do on the Internet is related to Google (YouTube, Gmail,  Blogger, Google Reader, Google Docs).

How do you find Google Plus so far?

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