Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Facebook adds security features for their users

I have been writing about Google Plus a lot lately, here, and here. That's because I'm highly infatuated with the new social network, but I haven't counted Facebook out yet. A midst the critic that Facebook has been getting because of it's lack of security features compared to Google Plus, they're still going strong.

Facebook has announced that they would release a plethora of security updates, so much that they are going to have their users go through a tutorial so that we won't be drowned in it.

Here are the major changes that Facebook will be adding:

Update as of 8/29/11 MST, Facebook just rolled this out a couple of minutes ago. These are now active.
Update as of 8/29/11 MST, apparently it's not for everyone. Some people, even in the same household still don't have it yet. Geez Facebook, what's wrong?

1. Additional profile privacy settings
You can now set each field in your profile as to who can see the information in them, and who can't. This reminds me of Google Plus, since I've noticed that they've had this feature ever since I joined G+, but it's okay. This is a good thing for Facebook. It means they're listening to their users, and what people are saying about them.

2. Ability to view your profile as..
Having the ability to see your profile as someone else is important, that way you can put in the name of someone you don't want to see your content, you can do so. When you do this, you can actually see what content you allowed that user to see. Another feature copied from Google Plus, but still, a very important feature to add for Facebook.

3. Approve or deny tags
You can approve or deny posts and tags on your wall before they are visible to everyone else. This is great especially if you've been a victim of senseless spam or posts from friends. This will result in a much cleaner Facebook Wall, also makes sure your Wall is about you, not spam from other people.

You would also get the ability to approve and reject photo tags. Quite helpful if you don't want stupid or embarrassing pictures posted on your photo albums.

These are the major changes. I've seen the list, there are A LOT of them. It's good to know that Facebook is listening to the public and still finding ways to improve the user experience.

What do you think about these new privacy updates? Does this make you like Facebook a little bit more? Do you have Google Plus? Please drop a comment below regarding your thoughts, oh and please share this post to your friends using the buttons to the left.

P.S. I still love Google Plus.

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